Futureproofing the workforce
by rethinking how junior
talent is developed

We find, train, and place the tech superstars of tomorrow bringing high-quality, diverse talent to your workplace with a retention plan for the long term.

  • Diverse and highly selective talent pool
  • Versatile skill sets
  • Building continuity and retention

Our vision is to create a world where the best talent, regardless of background, will build the tech of tomorrow.

La Fosse Academy is the technology training company tackling the two most critical issues facing the tech sector.


A huge skill shortage that slows business growth


A chronic lack of diversity in the tech sector

your career

Our rigorous admissions process selects the top 2% of applicants to enrol in our academy. You’ll learn the latest technologies and techniques over 12 intensive weeks of training, before starting a potential tech placement with a leading company.

your business

A constant source of diverse tech talent is the key to staying ahead. We take the most promising talent and train them in technology fundamentals to prepare them for a potential two-year placement with companies like yours.

What makes
us different?

There are plenty of opportunities to develop tech careers; here's how we set ourselves apart:

Trusted by our partners

Our values

1. Grow together

Learning is a journey, not a destination. Together, we look for new ways to improve and develop.

2. People first

We treat everyone as individuals and celebrate our differences. Our success is measured by the success of those around us.

3. Act with care

We live to inspire and empower, cultivating a community of lifelong support. Happy and fulfilled individuals deliver groundbreaking innovation.

4. Strive for more

We work with people who share our commitment to change and ambition for excellence. We believe that tomorrow can always be better.

5. Tech for all

We’re driving positive change, creating a world where tech is built by everyone, for everyone. 

6. Be futureproof

We’re innovative, aspirational, and committed to our mission of transforming the future of tech.

Our approach

These are the opportunities we provide for our students,
and for the companies we place them in:

Free for students*

Diverse talent pools

Comprehensive assessment

Retention and continuity

Ongoing support

*please read our full terms and conditions

Hear from our clients

We’ve been privileged to work with numerous high-growth and market-leading businesses. Hear what they have to say about the impact a consistent source of new talent has made to their operations.

Building effective engineering teams at Kingfisher

International home improvement company Kingfisher plc turned to La Fosse Academy to support its in-house engineering capabilities. We examine the ways in which we collaborated with Kingfisher to meet their hiring ambitions.

Helping University College London meet their digital goals

University College London has recently embraced the tech talent of the future by working alongside La Fosse Academy. We look at the university’s tech challenges, ambitions, and how the La Fosse Academy associates have helped ready it for the future.

Leidos UK partners with La Fosse Academy

Leading science and technology solutions provider Leidos UK recruits 37 La Fosse Academy associates to boost the diversity and sustainability of their tech teams.

Reducing third-party dependancies for leading HealthTech service provider

Our customer recognised that their experienced engineers, contractors, and third-party providers were spending a significant proportion of their time working on simple, repetitive tasks and boilerplate code.

Meet our tech superstars

Here are just a tiny handful of the people we
have discovered, nurtured, and placed into
businesses to start their futures.

"La Fosse Academy has given me the incredible skills and confidence to work as a software developer. I have been challenged to learn new technologies at a speed that I would have been unable to achieve had I tried to learn them by myself. Throughout the course, La Fosse Academy has taught me to code according to best practices to ensure that I can smoothly transition to the professional environment."

Kurita Cohort

"La Fosse Academy was such an amazing experience for me. I learnt more here than I did in my 3-year computer science degree. The opportunities you are capable of getting through La Fosse Academy are outstanding and you have plenty of chances to network with industry professionals and previous students to learn about their experiences in the industry!"

Software Engineer
Kurita Cohort

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