Associate Spotlight Camila Pessoa

We're thrilled to share the inspiring story of our associate, Camila Pessoa, who embarked on a transformational experience with La Fosse Academy that resulted in a remarkable shift in her tech career journey.

What were you doing before joining La Fosse Academy?

I studied mining engineering in Brazil and then worked as a compliance officer in the healthcare sector in the UK.

What made you join La Fosse Academy?

I was clear about my goal to enter the technology sector when I came to the UK. I started studying development on my own using the numerous free resources available, and my engineering background helped me understand the logic behind computing. However, as I progressed in my studies, I realised that more was needed to enter the field.

That's when a friend recommended La Fosse Academy to me. I heard about the quality and comprehensiveness of their training program, as well as how they guided individuals to secure their first tech job. When I visited their website and discovered their strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, I decided to apply.

How would you describe your journey at La Fosse Academy so far?

My journey has been one of constant and exponential growth and learning. Every day, I have the opportunity to apply and develop both my technical and interpersonal skills with the strong support of La Fosse Academy and my placement company, C. Hoare & Co.

What is the biggest takeaway from your time with La Fosse Academy?

Working in a team makes you and your projects more innovative and stronger.

What did you like about the curriculum?

I appreciated how we applied the Agile methodology right from the start of the training. The curriculum is structured to promote knowledge application and practical experience in each learning cycle. This greatly contributed to a better understanding and solidification of the content.  

I also liked that we were exposed to a wide variety of technologies and techniques, not just for full-stack development, but also for data processing and testing. Furthermore, the emphasis on collaboration with colleagues played a significant role in our day-to-day tasks.

How has La Fosse Academy impacted your career?

La Fosse Academy not only provided me with the technical and interpersonal knowledge I needed, but also the guidance required to enter the vast field of technology and make the most of my abilities. Their continuous reviews and feedback have given me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for building a strong and successful career.

How has the community, benefits, and support provided by La Fosse Academy enhanced your tech career?

The community at La Fosse Academy gives me a sense of belonging, which is crucial, especially for immigrants like me who don't have family or a strong support network in the country. This sense of safety is necessary for better mental health, which directly influences performance and work quality. It also allows us to engage in important discussions, bringing forth new ideas and expanding our horizons.  

Through the benefits provided, I was able to obtain an important certification required for my job. Lastly, the support provided by the entire team ensures that we are well taken care of by the company.

What advice would you give to someone looking to apply for La Fosse Academy?

Rest assured that you will receive high-quality training and placement support with La Fosse Academy, but remember that you are the main driver of your own success. Foster a learning mindset, don't be afraid to ask questions, keep your curiosity sharp, and seize the opportunity to get to know your colleagues. You can learn a lot together, and they will be your first network on your career path. Answers regarding your career will come with time, so make the most of your training!

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