Associate Spotlight: Elliot Heath

Elliot Heath is a successful graduate of La Fosse Academy. Read his story.

What were you doing before joining La Fosse Academy?

I had spent six years traveling and teaching, with my final destination being China, where I worked in private education and ed-tech. Before being accepted into La Fosse Academy, I spent a year studying, improving my coding abilities, and contributing to various open-source projects ranging from websites to simulators.

What made you decide to join La Fosse Academy?

The opportunity to further upskill in tech and the chance to work more closely with technology.  

How would you describe your journey at La Fosse Academy so far?

It has been a fantastic and challenging opportunity with many exciting twists and turns.  

What is the most significant takeaway from your time with La Fosse Academy?

The power of paired programming and effective communication.

What did you appreciate about the curriculum?

The comprehensive curriculum allowed students to confidently build full-stack applications by the end of the course.

How has La Fosse Academy impacted your career?

It has revitalised my skills and guided my career in an unexpected direction.  

How has the community provided by La Fosse Academy enhanced your tech career?

The camaraderie among course participants was excellent, with everyone working together to progress. Additionally, the camaraderie between associates within placement companies is also fantastic.

What advice would you offer to someone considering applying for La Fosse Academy?

The Academy provides an excellent opportunity to accelerate your learning and improve your chances of entering a role in technology. However, it's essential to recognise the power of self-study and self-motivated learning as well.

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