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What is the structure of the curriculum?

When will I start to interview on the course?

Where will I be based?

What happens after graduation?

What roles do students go into after the course?

What is the structure of the curriculum?

La Fosse Academy begins with a 12-weekAmplify course that is divided into 4 LAPs. Each lap is 3 weeks long and kicks off with a Learn week, delivered via lectures and exercises. Typically, you'll have about two lectures a day and they are 1 to 2 hours maximum.

You’ll then move on to an Assignment week. This is a week where we throw a ton of challenges at you that replicate the real-life environment you’ll be going into when you start that first role in tech.

Finally, we move on to a Project week where you'll be working with a team to create something amazing you can add to your portfolio.

When will I start to interview at La Fosse Academy?

La Fosse Academy customers will choose who they want to meet and that's based on your portfolio on the cohort website. Once they make their choice, you'll have a consultation with them. Consultations can start towards the end of lap three and throughout lap four. In some cases, it happens after you've graduated.

Where will I be based at La Fosse Academy?

Most of our students are based in London. However, we're working with an increasing number of customers who are based across the UK and can offer a hybrid working model. We'll spend lots of time with you to make sure the location's perfect.

What happens after I graduate from La Fosse Academy?

If you have successfully secured a placement, you’ll then become a La Fosse Academy employee. You'll start a two-year placement on-site with one of our customers. During those two years, you'll still receive La Fosse Academy benefits and you'll be fully supported throughout your journey. Our support covers technical elements such as our post grad curriculum. We also offer non-technical support such as monthly 121s with your dedicated engagement manager, a personalised development plan, mentoring, community events, guest lectures and lots more.

What roles have previous students secured for their placements?

Because of our ever-evolving curriculum, customers can offer our students a broad range of roles. Some of the roles our students secure include Architect, Back-end Developer, Business Analyst, Cloud Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Front-end Developer, and Software Engineer.

I have a computer science degree already! Am I eligible to apply?

Yes! If you’re excited about a career in tech, you can apply with any degree.

Do I need to have a degree to apply?

No, but we are looking for candidates who have either studied in a higher education institution or have some real work experience and are looking to change careers. 

How are the courses run?  

We run alternating “Virtual” and “Hybrid” courses.
“Virtual” means that we will deliver the course 100% remotely.

“Hybrid” means a mixture of remote and in-person:
- WARM UP week and LEARN weeks in-person
- ASSIGNMENT weeks remote
- PROJECT weeks optional remote or in-person (to be decided in project teams)

Our campus is in Central London.

Can I go on holiday during my training?

No, you need to be there every day of the course. If you’re unwell, you’ll need to make sure you catch up.

Is it full time?

Yes! Our 12-week course runs from Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Who will teach us?

Great question! Our trainers have spent years working in the tech industry and in education, so they know what it takes to be a great software engineer and how to train effectively. We’re all about investing in our students, so you’ll also receive lessons from chief technology officers (CTOs) and other industry leaders. Meet our trainers here.

Is it really free?

Yes it is! But read more for all terms for complete transparency - we want you to have all the information straight away!

What happens after I graduate?

We will endeavour to find you a commercial placement after you graduate! You’ll start interviewing throughout the course and, if possible, we’ll match you to companies we think you’ll thrive in! 

How long is the placement? 

If the interview process with our clients is successful, we employ you for two years after training. During that time you'll be work with one of our amazing client partners in a placement that propels you through the first two years of your career in tech.

Can I choose where I am placed?

Our greatest strength is providing high-quality training and partnering with companies where associates will thrive. You may have strong views about where you want to work, but our focus is on placing highly-motivated individuals where they will do best, so we recommend that you be open-minded about your destination.

Will I be paid?

If you're successfully placed, you'll earn £30,000 in the first year, £35,000 in the second. Plus, you'll receive a £1,000 kick start bonus when you start your placement, £1,500 when you have completed 18 months and £2,500 when you reach the end of your 2 years.

Will I be supported once I’m working?

If you're successfully placed you’ll receive support from your manager as well as your La Fosse Academy mentor, who’ll be with you from before you graduate until the end of year one. 

Does La Fosse Academy sponsor visas?

We do not. You need to have authorisation to work in the UK to apply. 

How will employment with La Fosse Academy work?

Upon graduation, if the placement is secured, you’ll be employed by La Fosse Academy and contracted to the company where you’ll complete your two-year placement.


How does the commercial model work? 

We invest in our students for the 5 months they are being assessed and learning - you won’t pay anything during this time. You start paying a daily fee when they start with your business as one of our associates - this is an all-inclusive cost for our service, covering attraction, recruitment, assessment, salary, benefits, ongoing training and support.

How often do the academy cohorts run?

You will able to recruit our talented associates into your tech teams year-round. We are not seasonal, and are now running new cohorts each month due to increased demand.

How is this different to traditional recruitment?

After an initial 5 months of assessment and training, we continue to supercharge our associates' development while they're with you through regular career coaching, industry mentorship, further training, and wellbeing and mental health support. This ensures you'll benefit from highly skilled and engaged team members.

Careers in the La Fosse Academy team

Will I work for La Fosse Academy or La Fosse?

La Fosse Academy is a division of La Fosse, a full-service technology recruiter. You'll work exclusively with the La Fosse Academy team but will also be a part of the wider La Fosse business - which we love! It's a great company built on care and we can't wait to have you on board.

What is the history of La Fosse?

With over 15 years of technology recruitment experience through our parent company La Fosse, we were keenly aware of the supply and demand issue within software engineering. Clients struggled to hire and retain developers, and as a result became reliant on expensive contractors, outsourcing, or building offshore teams - La Fosse Academy was developed as a solution to this. We still work closely with the La Fosse team and love to do so! They have amazing clients and relationships we can continue to harness and develop.

What are you looking for?

We’re looking for people who are committed to building a community of engaged, empowered, life-long learners, and who innately believe in others and want to encourage them to explore their potential. We're hardworking but also love to create and learn together, and are on the lookout for motivated individuals to join our team.

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