Developing the tech
superstars of the future

Join us on our journey to create a world where tech is built by everyone, for everyone.

Who are we?

La Fosse Academy is a technology training company, dedicated to launching and developing the tech superstars of the future. We want to create a world where the best talent, regardless of background, will build the tech of tomorrow.

What do we do?

We select the top 2% of talent, training them in technology fundamentals to prepare them for their tech careers.

If the placement is secured, we mentor and coach our associates throughout their placement to ensure they can deliver the right mix of skills and approaches to our customers' businesses.

Our course is free* to associates because we believe in ability, not just the ability to pay. The best talent is diverse talent.

Why do we exist?

La Fosse Academy is the technology training company tackling the two most critical issues facing the tech sector:

  1. A huge skill shortage
  2. A sector-wide lack of diversity across all seniority levels

We are passionate about reshaping the junior hiring landscape, facilitating tech careers for people from all backgrounds, and helping our clients to find a sustainable way to welcome new talent.

How can we help you?

Futureproof your career

Our rigorous admissions process selects the top 2% of applicants to enrol on our intensive 12-week tech academy. You'll learn the latest technologies and techniques, before starting a potential tech placement with a leading company.

Futureproof your business

A constant source of diverse tech talent is the key to staying ahead. We take the most promising talent and train them in technology fundamentals to prepare them for a potential two-year placement with companies like yours.

Our story


La Fosse Associates founded

Simon La Fosse was increasingly seeing an industry that just treated people as commodities. As a response, he founded La Fosse 15 years ago, a values-led executive search company centred around treating people with care and respect.


Global expansion

After expanding into the permanent, contract, and interim tech markets, La Fosse continued its rapid growth by opening its first international office in Los Angeles, US. This was quickly followed by another office in New York City. 


La Fosse Academy is born

With over a decade of technology recruitment experience, the La Fosse team were keenly aware of the supply and demand issue within tech and the overall lack of diversity at all levels within the sector.

After consulting with leading CTOs in our network, we developed a curriculum and launched La Fosse Academy as a means of addressing the issues our customers and candidates were facing throughout their tech careers.


La Fosse Academy begins rapid expansion

After just two years of operation, La Fosse Academy had made quite the impact within the wider tech community. To keep up with increased demand, we expanded to run new cohorts on a monthly basis and opened a dedicated training room at the La Fosse headquarters. 

Diversity at La Fosse

It’s at the heart of what we do.

Our associates are:

ethnic minorities
from lower-income backgrounds
career changers

Why does diversity matter?

Fresh perspectives

The coming together of people from different backgrounds is at the heart of innovation – it's by working outside of our usual pattern of knowledge and combining our unique life experiences that we develop a greater understanding of the markets and people we are seeking to connect with.

Better representation

Currently, just 19% of the tech workforce are women, and only 15% of the UK tech workforce are from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds. 

Fostering diversity as a core value allows you to build a workforce that is more representative of the UK population and therefore better able to serve its audience’s needs.

Attract talent

Prioritising diversity and inclusion also has a snowball effect on your reputation and attractiveness with new talent.

According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity to be a key factor when considering opportunities, with more than 50% of current employees expressing a desire for their current workplace to do better as far as diversity is concerned.

In a market as candidate led as the technology sector, this is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and attracting the very best talent.

The bottom line: Diversity and commercial success

Diversity has been shown to directly impact business success. Companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues, and according to a 2015 McKinsey report, companies in the top quarter for gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, while those in the same bracket for racial/ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to surpass their competitors.

Creating more equitable businesses benefits employees, companies, and the wider society. Diversity is not a guideline to be complied with, it is a route towards a better company, both in a moral and economic sense.

Our partnerships

futureproof partner tech nation logo

We are very excited to be the official partner of the Tech Nation Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for tech leaders on how to build diverse and inclusive companies.

futureproof partner women in tech logo

We are a proud partner of Women in Tech, an organisation which celebrates female successes, encourages women to join the sector, and works towards closing the increasing gender gap.

Our approach

These are the opportunities we provide for our students, and for the companies we place them in:

Free for students*

Diverse talent pools

Comprehensive assessment

Retention and continuity

Ongoing support

*please read our full terms and conditions

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