Student Terms

Think of this as the nitty-gritty section of T’s & C’s. We want you to have all the information now before you apply, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Am I guaranteed employment?

After you train with us, you’ll be offered a contract to become a La Fosse Academy employee based on two things. 1) You pass the course and 2) there is a placement available that works for you.

Do I start work straight away after my training?

You’ll train with us for 12 weeks then move into the adapt phase of the programme that lasts 8 weeks. During the training and adapt phase, we’ll be organising your employment with us. As soon as we can you’ll start your placement which lasts 2 years. Most people start their placement within a few weeks of finishing training. During the adapt phase, you are not allowed to search for alternative employment.

Let’s talk money

You don’t get paid during training, but there are bursaries available to support you. You will get paid from the first day of your placement. You’ll get paid £30,000 in the first year, £35,000 in the second and when you reach the end of your two-year employment with us you’ll receive a bonus of £5000. Think of it as a huge reward for reaching an exciting point in your career.

How do I decide where my placement is?

Placement companies carefully select the individuals they think will work well in their company by looking at your profiles and conducting interviews. And we work with you to understand your strengths, preferences, and prior experience so that we can recommend you to companies where you will thrive. What you are offered might not always look like your dream job on the surface, but we do ask you to trust us. We’ve got decades of experience in finding people the right role in tech.

Will I need to relocate?

Midway through the training, we’ll have a conversation with you about location preferences. Our placement companies are spread over the UK, and many are offering remote roles. We’ll never make you move somewhere you don’t want to.

What happens if I leave?

If you leave during the first two weeks of training, we won’t expect anything financially from you. If you leave midway through the course, you’ll be required to pay back the training fee on a sliding scale based on the number of weeks you’ve trained with us. If you leave within 1 year of starting your employment with us, you’ll be expected to pay back 100% of the training fee. If you leave within the second year of your employment with us, you will be expected to pay back 50% of the training fee. The training fee is £15,000.

Why should I pay back my training fees?

Our training is free so that anyone from any background can join. We’re very proud of this fact. However, that means when you join La Fosse Academy we make a large investment in you. If you leave early, we lose that investment. You paying us back if you don’t complete your obligation to us means we can keep going as a business so that more people can access free tech education and kick start their careers. We do operate a policy of care and in extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of our directors, we can waive the training fee.

What happens at the end of my placement?

Plan A is that you turn into a full-time employee at your placement company. If that isn’t going to work out, Plan B is that you come back to La Fosse Academy and become a member of our training team. If that’s not an appealing option to you then you’re in luck as La Fosse Academy's sister company is a leading tech recruitment agency. You won’t be left in the out in the cold!

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