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We find, train, and place the tech superstars of tomorrow.

Why work with La Fosse Academy?

We embed highly-skilled, diverse talent into your teams – with profiles tailored to your specific needs.

We upskill and develop students over a 2.5-year programme, and give you the option to convert them to permanent employees at the end of the engagement, helping towards the long-term goal of building a permanent technology capability.

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The La Fosse Academy model


We only accept the top 2%

All applicants go through a rigorous assessment period before being selected. We test for both attitude and aptitude through a 5-stage interview process, selecting based on values, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities, and their passion for tech. Our course will always be free for students who complete their requirements, in order to attract people based on ability, not the ability to pay.


Techniques over tools

Our 12-week, intensive curriculum is delivered in a real-life tech environment. It's broken down into four modules led by our expert coaches, covering both individual assessment and the creation, shipping, and presenting of commercial products. Students work both individually and with peers, and are assessed throughout to ensure they are keeping up with the standards needed for placement.


Adding value from day one

After having the chance to attend our final presentation day and interview some of our associates, you’ll be able to engage them on a 2-year contract in your business. We’ll facilitate continued upskilling of associates and their managers through bespoke training and ongoing support, and as a La Fosse Academy employee, they’ll receive access to our well-being services and other community benefits.

How it works


Our rigorous recruitment & assessment guarantees quality individuals and reduces risk of mis-hires


Our students complete 12-weeks intensive training in the latest technologies and career skills.


They are then embedded into your teams for two years, ready to have an immediate impact and supported by us to develop, before giving you the option to hire them permanently at the end of the engagement.


futureproof Academy is the world’s first live-taught tech curriculum that adapts to the needs of employers and students alike – in real time. It blends programming fundamentals and exposure to the skills and techniques needed to thrive in the tech industries biggest roles, before trainees develop deep expertise within specific ‘disciplines’ and showcase their projects to employers at a demo day.

We develop T-shaped techies for the 21st century

We continually adapt our learning programmes to reflect the skills required to meet employers' digital objectives. Our curriculum teaches techniques over tools. It combines programming, project delivery, and interpersonal skills to develop T-shaped individuals, who specialise in one of two disciplines.

Our soft skills training includes BA, UX, Agile development, and storytelling

Interpersonal skills training includes leadership, pitching, team building, and conflict resolution.

Wide knowledge

Software Engineering & Design
Infrastructure, Data & Security
Product, Change & Transformation
Software Engineering

Data and

Deep expertise

Wide Knowledge

Deep Expertise

Fundamental tech career skills
Technical Disciplines

Our impact

Helping customers transform their digital capability

Our ground-breaking model helps companies rapidly build the teams they need to achieve long-term digital goals.

of clients have reduced time-to-hire talent
have transformed long-term tech capability
have increased tech team diversity

Example roles

We focus on teaching techniques, not just tools, to ensure our associates are ready for whatever challenges the rapidly changing world of tech might present during their careers. Here are just a few of the key roles that our associates are able to fulfill: 

Mid-Level Engineer

Senior Engineer

Tech Team Lead

Product Owner




Business Analyst

Data Engineer/Anaylst

Information Security Engineer/Analyst

Agile Coach/Scrum Master

Our candidates

Our candidates are from a range of backgrounds, with some just beginning their tech careers and some changing industry completely. We assess our candidates on attitude as much as aptitude.

Diversity at La Fosse Academy

It’s at the heart of what we do.

We want to create a world where the best talent, regardless of background, can build the tech of tomorrow. Because our training is free, we have access to a much broader talent pool than our competitors. We’re interested in ability – and not the ability to pay.

ethnic minorities
from lower-income backgrounds
career changers

We work with:

Hear from our customers

We’ve been privileged to work with numerous high-growth and market-leading businesses. Hear what they have to say about the impact a consistent source of new talent has made to their operations.

"A lot of people talk about the importance of hiring diverse teams, especially within software engineering, but then fail to change the way they hire.

I was attracted to La Fosse Academy because I'm passionate about developing talent. Diverse teams lead to better debates and ultimately better decisions. They also create healthier teams with better opportunities for succession planning."

Julian Browne

"La Fosse Academy struck us as a really good way of us bringing in fresh, young talent so that we could work alongside them and they could help us with some of the tasks that we had in our project work. The main benefits were that we didn't have to go through all the hard work of actually running a graduate programme from start to finish. This is a great opportunity for our talent pipeline coming down the line and we are really looking forward to what the next 12-24 months produce for us."

Akash Gharu

See our impact

Learn more about the work we have done with our customers and how our associates have benefitted their businesses.

Building effective engineering teams at Kingfisher

International home improvement company Kingfisher plc turned to La Fosse Academy to support its in-house engineering capabilities. We examine the ways in which we collaborated with Kingfisher to meet their hiring ambitions.

Helping University College London meet their digital goals

University College London has recently embraced the tech talent of the future by working alongside La Fosse Academy. We look at the university’s tech challenges, ambitions, and how the La Fosse Academy associates have helped ready it for the future.

Leidos UK partners with La Fosse Academy

Leading science and technology solutions provider Leidos UK recruits 37 La Fosse Academy associates to boost the diversity and sustainability of their tech teams.

Reducing third-party dependancies for leading HealthTech service provider

Our customer recognised that their experienced engineers, contractors, and third-party providers were spending a significant proportion of their time working on simple, repetitive tasks and boilerplate code.

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We find, train, and place the tech superstars of tomorrow.