Associate Spotlight: Stylianos Thomas

For our latest associate case study, we have interviewed our associate Stylianos Thomas and asked him to share his La Fosse Academy experience and tell us what makes La Fosse Academy special.

What made you join La Fosse Academy?

I had just finished my Computer Science degree and was looking for an entry-level position when the pandemic hit, and the lockdown started. It became apparent that given the circumstances, most companies were reluctant to expand and especially so when the role would have to be remote and given that at that point, I had no work experience in the field.

That was when I found La Fosse Academy –and it was exactly what I was looking for!

First of all, it provided me with extensive training using multiple tech stacks and agile methodologies that would make my transition to a work placement seamless.

Then upon completion, La Fosse Academy would help me secure a two-year placement that would allow me to jumpstart my career! The fact that it was free also played a massive role. It means that anyone, regardless of background, can have opportunity to join and start their own career in tech.


What makes La Fosse Academy special?

If I could sum up everything that makes La Fosse Academy special, it would all boil down to two things: the projects and the people.

First of all, La Fosse Academy course itself is an incredible experience, where not only do you get to learn the fundamentals of tech, but you also get to practice all the knowledge you acquire by working on group projects with other members of your cohort. Alongside your technical skills, you will also be able to improve your soft skills so that you are better prepared for the industry.

Secondly, it is the people. Your cohort will be full of people as driven and eager to learn as you and this makes everything much more exciting. The La Fosse Academy team itself is composed of people who really believe in La Fosse Academy's mission, and they will be there to help, guide and support you in your journey to get your career in tech started!

What advice would you give to La Fosse Academy applicants?

Be ready to learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions. As with everything new, in the beginning, there will be a lot of things that you will not know, but that is also where all the excitement and the fun is! You have a whole new world to explore, so keep learning and keep practising and you will be amazed at how everything will seem to click together at the end.

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