Associate Spotlight: Farzana Uddin

In our latest associate case study, we talk to Farzana Uddin to find out more about her La Fosse Academy experience.

What were you doing before joining La Fosse Academy?

I was attending university and graduated with a degree in Politics and International Relations. I was fortunate to attend a university that promoted the need for more women to enter the tech industry, which led me to want to learn more. Some resources I took advantage of before starting at La Fosse Academy included Bright Network's Internship Experiences and Colorintech's Immersion Program.

What made you join La Fosse Academy?

I wanted to take my learnings one step further. I had already built up my theoretical knowledge, but wanted to gain practical skills so I could understand not only the why but also the how. Additionally, I wanted to make sure I developed the skills needed to enter the tech world - planning, developing, presenting, receiving, and providing feedback.  

How would you describe your journey at La Fosse Academy so far?

It’s been extremely positive and fulfilling. I feel very lucky to be placed at 1E, a digital employee experience company, as a product owner.Throughout my journey, the La Fosse Academy team has been extremely supportive and ensured that I was provided with all the assistance needed for me to land my first tech job.

What is the biggest takeaway from your time with La FosseAcademy?

The importance of needing both technical and interpersonal skills to be able to flourish in your career. At the core of any tech organisation is planning, and learning the importance of agility at La FosseAcademy was huge. I have been able to take my understanding of being agile and develop it even further at my placement company - sprint planning, product backlog items, use cases, feature iterations, and retros are all topics that I cover on a day-to-day basis as a product owner.

What did you like about the curriculum?

I liked that the curriculum was divided into different technologies and languages, allowing students to gain a holistic understanding of tech fundamentals rather than focusing on one area. I enjoyed that the structure was separated into three: learning week, assessment week, and project week, which included a presentation. As someone who used to find presenting incredibly nerve-wracking, having to present at the end of each project forced me to build my confidence and develop this skill.  

How has La Fosse Academy impacted your career?

La Fosse Academy has completely changed the trajectory of my career, it has allowed me to enter the tech space and gain visibility on what it actually means to work in tech. I was provided with a foundation of knowledge and have been able to transfer it to my day-to-day responsibilities at my placement company.  

How has the community, benefits, and support provided byLa Fosse Academy enhanced your tech career?

Once placed at your placement company, associates continue to be supported by La Fosse Academy via monthly catch-up calls, which are really useful in ensuring that you are on track and enjoying your role. After graduating, I started the La Fosse Academy Women in Tech society (WIT), which has been incredibly positive in creating a community where other women share their experiences working in tech. We explore the initiatives we can adopt and support in not only encouraging more women to join the tech space, but also what barriers we can overcome once we have entered. The WIT society has been great in creating a community of women who want to develop their careers and help others.  

What advice would you give to someone looking to apply toLa Fosse Academy?

100% do it. It is very easy to convince yourself that you should not apply when you do not have a depth of technical knowledge or experience, or do not come from a STEM/tech background, but that is the purpose of La Fosse Academy. It provides you with both the interpersonal and practical skills to enter the tech industry. Alongside the curriculum, one of the best things about La Fosse Academy is providing you with catch-ups after graduating, so you continue to feel supported once placed at your tech job.

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