Leidos UK recruits 35 La Fosse Academy associates to boost tech team diversity

Leading science and technology solutions provider, Leidos UK, recruits 35 La Fosse Academy associates to boost the diversity and sustainability of their tech teams.

Leidos UK has recently begun the process of strengthening its graduate and apprentice recruitment and training programmes. 

The goal is to identity skills gaps within the organisation while ensuring any new early-in-career hires are given the best possible start to their career. They are also committed to making sure their talent schemes remain current and reflect future and evolving demands of the business.

To facilitate this, the organisation is working with La Fosse Academy, a partnership in which Leidos take on associates graduating from award-winning La Fosse Academy, an intensive 13-week programme in full-stack software engineering.

La Fosse Academy's mission aligns closely with Leidos's own objectives, including:

1.    Democratising access to tech careers: La Fosse Academy aims to increase diversity by making the course 100% free for students and therefore equally accessible to people from all backgrounds. This attracts a diverse pool of talent which clients like Leidos UK can use to build strong future pipelines of tech superstars.

2.    Closing the tech skills gap: La Fosse Academy's curriculum been designed to focus on techniques over tools, producing agile-minded associates who are commercially ready and able to adapt to the evolving demands of both the businesses they work in and technology as a whole.

Silka Patel, Social Value Manager at Leidos, said:

“We are proud of our work in partnership with La Fosse Academy that is helping us radically address skills and diversity needs in our tech teams, while giving these young people a fast track for success in our company and their wider careers.”

Leidos have now hired 35 La Fosse Academy associates into their tech teams.

They now look forward to seeing how their new associates grow within the company, with a view of potentially expanding the partnership with La Fosse Academy in future to become a primary source of high-quality talent for the next generation of technology professionals.

Rachel Barkey, Senior Engagement Manager at La Fosse Academy, said,

“We’re delighted to be working closely with Leidos to nurture these thirty five talented associates, who are already thriving in their roles across the business.They reflect Leidos’s deep commitment to diversity and developing brilliant teams of tech engineers of the future.”


Leidos makes the world safer, healthier,and more efficient through technology, engineering, and science. In particular, they focus on innovation in four key areas: civil, defence, health, and intelligence.

They aim to become the global leader in the development and application of technology to solve their customers’ most demanding challenges, while investing heavily in empowering a diverse workforce and strengthening communities through volunteerism, sustainable operations, and the advancement of equality. 


For more information on careers at Leidos, visit ukcareers.leidos.com

To learn more about hiring La Fosse Academy graduates for your business, please contact claudia.cohen@lafosse.com

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