La Fosse Academy and Arctic Shores partner to uncover tech talent of tomorrow

La Fosse Academy and Arctic Shores partner to uncover tech talent of tomorrow

La Fosse Academy has partnered with Arctic Shores, the psychometric assessment pioneer, to double its trainee intake in 2022 to 400.

Rather than screening candidates for skills or experience, La Fosse Academy sought instead to measure curiosity, drive, resilience, and ability to collaborate – skills well-suited to the future of work. This led the company to Arctic Shores’ platform, which measures dozens of traits that go unseen on a CV.  

By seeing more than candidates’ skills or experience, both organisations hope to map a route for more diverse tech talent to enter the industry.  In particular, the companies aim to unearth a new generation of tech engineers from a diverse range of backgrounds, helping leading employers to strengthen the quality of their technology teams for years to come.

Ed Halliday, La Fosse Academy's Operations Director, said, “At La Fosse Academy, we aim to transform how leading companies source high-quality, diverse tech talent. That’s why we’re so pleased to be working closely with Arctic Shores: using assessment’s next frontier to unearth the future engineers that others miss – and to help our clients build tomorrow’s brightest tech teams.”

Robert Newry, Founder & CEO at Arctic Shores, said: “As La Fosse Academy aims to double its trainee intake in 2022, I’m proud that the team has chosen our platform to support them. In 2020, women represented just 19% of all tech employees. And last year, only 15% were from ethnic minorities. This needs to change. This partnership is the latest step in a long journey: toward a world where we move beyond outdated assessment measures like the CV to a focus on potential and seeing more in people.”

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