Congratulations to our first ever alumni!

La Fosse Academy are extremely proud to have achieved a huge milestone - earlier this month, we celebrated our very first alumni: Aaron Monilal and Harry de Blaby!

La Fosse Academy is extremely proud to have achieved a huge milestone - earlier this month, we celebrated our very first alumni: Aaron Monilal and Harry de Blaby!

Both Aaron and Harry have completed their 2-year placements at C. Hoare & Co, with Aaron working as a Junior Developer and Harry as a System Analyst (now a Junior Solutions Architect), and will be continuing with the company on a permanent basis.

The La Fosse Academy team is beyond happy and proud of both associates and we wish them the best of success in their tech careers.

We caught up with Aaron on his overall experience with La Fosse Academy:

"I feel good, I’m at a place where I know things and can help people. This was my first ever job and I have matured so much. I’m not just focusing on my technical responsibilities anymore, I'm now looking at how we can improve our work ethic and general ethos as a team.
It's honestly been brilliant. I left university with a good degree, a good grade, but that can only take you so far. Coming to La Fosse Academy made me realise I can do something more challenging that I love.
I miss our cohort so much, we had so much fun, it feels like yesterday.
My advice? It’s a journey. You have to enjoy the process – everything will end up being for your benefit, everything builds you up; just enjoy the time that you have and make the most out of it.
I have the fondest memories and I will continue to recommend La Fosse Academy to others!’’

We also spoke to Harry to discuss his time with us:

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity; to have come from a course that has enabled me to pursue success in a very fulfilling Solution Architecture role is incredible. With the appropriate determination and desire, you can start to learn and craft any discipline, even if it is something totally different from anything you might have done previously in your life. I have been able to learn so many intricate, deeply technical things that I never knew I was capable of.
La Fosse Academy are so proactive, not just in providing the highest quality training and arranging the best placements, but in genuinely living their values and principles - you can really feel it is 'people first'.
It’s been a magic 2 years and I wish I could go back and start the course again! The whole thing has been mega. I am just thankful La Fosse Academy provided me with the first few stepping stones to what I hope leads towards a CTO role in a decade or so."

Chris Loake, CTO/COO at C. Hoare & Co, also noted:

“Working with La Fosse Academy has been a fantastic experience. We were part of the first cohort with Harry and Aaron, and continue to use the model to bring in grass roots talent with new roles across the technology team today. Both Harry and Aaron have transitioned into fully blown employees of the bank now and are well positioned to have a great career in fintech.”

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