Associate Spotlight: Tara Hussain

One of our amazing associates Tara Hussain, who has just finished her first placement year working as a Data Analyst, has shared her experience about the placement and her overall La Fosse Academy journey so far.

What makes La Fosse Academy and your placement company special?

No two days are the same in my role which has been very challenging yet rewarding. I love my placement company for its diversity, inclusivity and the level of responsibility I was trusted with straight away. My team is great, and I am enjoying the complexities and fast-paced nature of the project I am working on. Being thrown into the deep end is certainly character building. In that sense, the intense 13-week La Fosse Academy course really set me up for this role! I love my La Fosse Academy family as we have a real sense of community both during the boot camp and as we've continued into our careers in our respective companies. I feel well supported and like there is always someone to talk to if I need it. The last year has flown by and I am excited to see what year 2 on the job brings!  


What has been your biggest achievement throughout the whole process?

La Fosse Academy has improved both my technical skills and soft skills. We are given the opportunity to work closely with those in our cohort and many projects are entirely a team effort. This has been hugely beneficial in the workplace. In terms of technical skills, I have been on-site for just over one year and the learning curve has been exponential! The stack has been different but La Fosse Academy teaches you best practices to pick up new languages and concepts. In terms of specific achievements, I have recently implemented automation of workflows which will be used in various countries! This has hugely improved team efficiency by negating any manual intervention.  


Do you have friends working in tech and how has your career trajectory differed from theirs?

I have many friends in the industry, the majority of whom have a background in computer science. The best part of La Fosse Academy is that you don't need experience to join, just a passion for tech. I have a degree in Mathematics where I very briefly touched on software development, but it was enough to spark an interest. Following graduation, I started learning to code in my spare time just for fun and eventually stumbled across La Fosse Academy. The rest, as they say, is history!  


What would you say to someone who was considering joining La Fosse Academy?

A career in tech is for everyone. La Fosse Academy will work with you to choose a company which fits your skillset, so no matter what your background there will be something for you. The curriculum is designed to challenge but not overwhelm, we were given loads of support so don't let fear of the unknown stop you!

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