Associate Spotlight: Atheer Musa

For our latest associate case study, we have interviewed our associate Atheer Musa and asked him to share his La Fosse Academy experience and tell us what makes La Fosse Academy special.

What made you join La Fosse Academy?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be in tech, so I decided to study Electronic Engineering at university. After completing my degree, I realised I enjoyed building software more than hardware, so I began teaching myself to code by building small projects and websites.  

I came across La Fosse Academy and a couple of things stood out to me. First off, the course was free, meaning it was accessible, unlike the other boot camps out there charging hundreds, even thousands of pounds. The other draw was that on completing the course, the team at La Fosse Academy would help find me a two-year placement to grow in my tech career! This was especially helpful as, at the time, we were in lockdown and due to the uncertainty of what was happening junior tech  


What makes La Fosse Academy special?

There are quite a few things that make La Fosse Academy special, but I’ll stick to three things:  

The course: The LAP (Learn, Assignment, Project) structure was amazing. It ensured that by the end of each three-week sprint we had consolidated everything we’d learned so far. My favourite out of the three was the “Project” week. I’m a huge fan of project-based learning and it was a great opportunity to work with different members of the cohort.  

The cohort: I felt that our cohort was instrumental to our success in the course. La Fosse Academy has done an incredible job at selecting applicants who are: intelligent, driven and hard-working. Being in a group of people with these qualities meant that we all collectively motivated each other to bring our A-game while supporting each other wherever we could.  

The La Fosse Academy team: I cannot speak highly enough of the team at La Fosse Academy. From the instructors to the business development team who help us land a placement and Engagement managers who support us throughout, everyone at La Fosse Academy has been nothing short of phenomenal. They’re all extremely professional, and friendly, wanting nothing more than us to succeed.  

Oh, also, did I mention that the course is free?  


What advice would you give for La Fosse Academy applicants?

ABC, Always Be Coding! Or, more accurately, Always Be Learning. I think it’s super important to have a learning mindset. You won’t know everything going into the course, or even when you graduate, and that’s ok! I don’t think anyone ever knows everything... I definitely don’t!

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